Enamel Coffee Pot 2L

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Use as a coffee percolator, kettle or teapot



  • Now you can enjoy great quality coffee anywhere
  • 8 cup capacity (2L)
  • Includes separate percolator
  • Can be used as a Teapot or Kettle
  • High quality 0.4mm thick steel

    Double enamel coating totalling more than 1mm barrier of enamel

    Perfect for camping, caravanning, BBQs and picnics

    Hygienic easy clean non rust surface

    Durable and lightweight ideal for travelling

    Designed for outdoor condition, able to withstand chipping and scratching

    Non porous surface that does not absorb food colour, food particles or dirt


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Enamel Coffee Pot 2L

Enamel Coffee Pot 2L

Use as a coffee percolator, kettle or teapot


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